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At the LAW OFFICES of T. RICK FRAZIER, we do one thing better than anyone else…..
  • Are you a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, fabricator, mechanic, materialman, artisan or laborer who works on construction, renovation, remodeling or repair projects?
  • Having trouble getting all of your claims and invoices paid in full?
  • Need help getting paid the money you worked so hard for?
  • If you work in Texas, you've come to the right place! We get you paid FAST; IN FULL; WITH INTEREST…..AND we make the other side pay our attorney's fees.

That's right, with The Law Offices of T. Rick Frazier, getting paid in full will typically cost you nothing!

That's because in almost every case, we recover from the debtor sufficient attorney's fees to refund to you every penny you've paid to us.

(Good luck trying to get another law firm to do that!)

Many law firms want to charge you a percentage of the amount they recover – that is, a percentage of YOUR claim – and usually they want 33%, 40% or more.?

Other lawyers will handle your case, charging you on an hourly basis at rates of $300, $400, $500 or more per hour! This means you have to trade off several (or many) hours of hard work for each hour the lawyer spends trying to collect your claim.

In either case, you aren't getting paid in FULL – the lawyers are!

At the Law Offices of T. Rick Frazier, we don't charge a percentage and when we make the debtor pay your claim (and we almost always do), we collect and refund to you in full any fees you have paid.

Do we ever fail to get a claim paid?

Not often, but it does occasionally happen for the following reasons.

  • The claim we were asked to collect was not valid. Perhaps an invoice was accidentally double-billed, or the work was not properly performed, or it might be that you are making a claim against the wrong person or entity. We can help correct these situations, but sometimes it means you won't be paid in full.
  • The mechanics' and materialmen's lien may not have been properly perfected as required by Texas law. We use your mechanics' and materialmen's lien against the owner's property as our legal hammer to force the debtor to pay your claims. Without a valid lien, any judgment against the debtor may have little effect and will not get you fully paid. Our ability to confidently get you paid in full every time depends heavily upon your having a valid, properly perfected lien.
  • The debtor or property owner may file for bankruptcy protection. This doesn't happen often, but when it does… collection of any claims against that debtor in bankruptcy will be delayed and may become largely unrecoverable.

But note – Unlike most
other law firms.


So who uses our legal services?

Contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and laborers, painters, carpet installers, builders, electricians, cleaners and demolishers who perform work and/or supply materials in Texas for construction, renovation, remodeling and repairing buildings, apartments, condos, houses and other structures, and who didn't get paid in full... but want to.